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“On all those talk shows you have to do a pre-interview with some producer the day before. And then a second before you go on, they tell you what you said in the pre-interview to prep you for it – and then you have to go and say it all again. So, I was sitting there with Jimmy, and that story I said the day before suddenly seemed not funny at all. I mean it wasn’t that funny in the first place and now I’ve got to perform this unfunny story which Jimmy’s going to fake laugh at it, and… I just can’t take it. So I started panicking. I was literally pouring with sweat. And I felt myself drooling. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m starting to drool.’ So, I made up this stupid story about having heavy saliva, and Jimmy’s face just went, ‘What the fuck are you talking about?’”

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I think if you really look at Britney's songs you get her side of the story. Mystic Man, Shadow, Look Who's talking now, Guilty etc all basically say Justin is not innocent as he portrays. You just have to look at the songs! Does that make sense?


lets not forget “baby boy” which completely shows that she was left alone and “dramatic” (“You used me, Tried to abuse me, Fanned a life of fantasy, Now back to reality.”)

She has only talked about him through her songs but when she gets asked about the way he dealt with his pain, she almost defends him. Like she is a bit sarcastic but she also says that she understands why he did it

i cant with her seriously i look up to her so much

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